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Discover How to Reclaim Your Soul Power Through Your Erotic Nature for a Higher Activation of Your Feminine Emergence

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Marie Mbouni is a medical doctor, shamanic and energy healer, spiritual guide, author, facilitator, and creativity coach.

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Marie Mbouni is an MD Anesthesiologist, shamanic and energy healer, spiritual guide, author, facilitator of sacred ceremonies and retreats, creativity Coach, world traveler and love anchor. All these techniques help her share her Medicine which is LOVE.

As the Founder of Reclaim Your Soul Power as we Manifest a New Matrix and the Conscious Creativity Method, Marie offers transformational experiences for professionals ready to escape the matrix, Star Seeds, light leaders, change makers, way showers and visionaries wanting to step into their wholeness, power and purpose.

Through online, in-person, retreats and gatherings, she guides those called to serve at all stages of their development. She helps them tap into their heart-centeredness, intuition, sacred sexual energy, creativity and connectedness; balance, harmony, love and joy.

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