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Interview Topic:

How to Live and Love Your Mission at the Next Level

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Leslie Karen Hammond is a personal transformation expert, International Facilitator, Spiritual Teacher, and Three-Time Author.

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Website: lesliekarenhammond.com


Inspiring women to take empowered action and feel their value, so they do what they are here to do isn't a mission, it's a way of life. Promoting an authentic, heart-based lifestyle means setting an example by living it. International Facilitator, Spiritual Teacher, and Three-Time Author, Leslie Karen Hammond is a personal transformation expert who's created spaces for women to feel safe, peaceful and powerful for over 19 years.

Leslie's specialty is helping healers and health coaches get clear on what they will no longer tolerate, to immediately live their mission from a higher vibration. Her ground-breaking protocol, Divinely Aligned, promotes significant breakthroughs in all areas of her client's lives. Leslie teaches women how to trust themselves and know they belong wherever they want to be.

After becoming a Karuna Reiki Master, studying extensively with shamans in the North and South America, and facilitating for the World Academy for the Future of Women in China and Nepal, Leslie has a unique understanding of the human condition globally.

Leslie also has a division that publishes inspirational books for Health Coaches and Energy Healers. Her transformational writing process helps women embrace the most challenging parts of their journey as a source of inspiration for their clients.  

A few fun facts about Leslie: she loves horseback riding in the mountains, the Peruvian rainforest, has walked on hot coals, eaten fire and jumped out of perfectly good airplanes.  Her passion is unstoppable and her enthusiasm unmistakable.

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