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Discover Your Path to Love-Inspired Success

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Dr. Felicia Williams Cosey is an award-winning expert in both love and business relationships. 

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Website: www.LoveYourself2Success.com


Dr. Felicia Williams Cosey is an award-winning expert in both love and business relationships. 

As Founder and CEO of The Healing Space, Dr. Williams Cosey provides Transformational Counseling for individuals going through major transitions in relationship, work, or spiritual areas, guiding them to turn the "crisis" into breakthrough, and assisting them to set up a system for success.  She works with couples, helping them to find a common language of communication so they have the tools to work through any difficulty, and to create more love and joy in the process.

Felicia has over 20 years experience in group facilitation, community building, and organizational change management.  She leads life-transforming personal growth workshops throughout the US, the UK, Europe and Australia.  In her seminars, she gives participants the direct experience of unconditional love, and strategies for building relationships filled with dignity, respect, trust and joy.  She designs and delivers curriculum in executive and evolutionary leadership. President of her own consulting firm, Felicia has helped Fortune 500 companies, large manufacturing and city and state government agencies create efficient and intrinsically satisfied teams.  Often engaged as an Organizational Change Management expert, she helps her clients develop “people processes” to match technological advances and changing cultural demands.

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