Calling all missionaries of the heart . . .

do you dream of changing the world?

Did you know that you have the power to create a better future for all beings here on Planet Earth? 

Yes, you!

If you're ready to discover your power to heal your world and activate our collective evolution, then join us for:

September 24 - October 2, 2018

A free online summit & transformational learning experience

Created and hosted by
Stephanie Briggs, Founder of Heart Blossom



In this global online event, we’ll be speaking about how during these intense times, even as we feel so strongly the burden of our collective wounding, we have the power to face that wounding and activate a new collective evolution.

Women in particular are being called to step forward courageously and lead the way in transforming our world.

As sensitive and empathic women, we need to strengthen ourselves on all levels in order to embody our full potential.

Only when we are taking good care of ourselves can we facilitate the global evolution that is critical to our survival.


Tune in for this series of exclusive interviews with leading teachers, healers, and guides, who'll share with you their diverse wisdom on topics such as:

  • Existential Healing: Illuminating the Whole of Who You Are

  • Shedding the Labels the World Put on Us & Those We Put on Ourselves

  • The Power of Deep Self-Care for the Modern Day Woman

  • Reclaiming Your Center as an Empath

  • Internalized Oppression (Releasing the Social Conditioning that Connects Us All)

  • Grounded Mysticism: Returning to Eden, the Electrical Adam & Eve and Accessing the Life Blood of the Universe

  • Un-Caging the Feminine Way: Inviting the Emergence

  • Healing from Body Oppression and Loving the Skin You're In

  • Reclaiming Your Soul Power Through your Erotic Nature For a Higher Activation of Your Feminine Emergence

  • Discovering Your Path to Love-Inspired Success

  • The Link Between Radical Self-Acceptance and Collective Liberation

  • How To Live and Love Your Mission At The Next Level

  • Mindfulness and Embodiment as Essential Tools for Collective Empowerment

  • Healing the Wounds Our Fathers Left Behind

  • Following Your Dreams and Passions to Give Your Highest Level of Contribution to the World

  • Healing the Energetic Womb

  • Embodying Our Role as Cultural Creatives

...and more!



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